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Our Commitment To Quality


Bearing CMM #2 010

Uncompromised Quality Does Not Just Happen!

Precision CNC machining companies need to have systems in place that give you the kind of uncompromised quality you need. Quality Management Systems (QMS) and specific Certifications support these efforts.

Research shows that a company with an effective QMS in place meets customer requirements and expectations more often than ones that do not.

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Our Quality Record Speaks For Itself

With a 99.9% Defect-Free quality record, our Quality Management System, along with our AS9100/ISO 9001 Certifications show that we provide this type of quality.
(See our Quality Performance Chart)

With over 2,100,000 component parts shipped in 2017, in addition to over 800 part configurations produced in the last 3 years, we demonstrate the ability to maintain consistency over long periods of time. These are all precision machined components utilizing today's modern technology.

We empower our employees to initiate action to cause formal change with programs that encourage continuous improvement and problem prevention based on AS9100 standards. Additionally, we are certified to produce "vital" parts for several of our customers, meaning that catastrophe results in the event of failure. The culture of our company is "Quality-Centric" which means that you can be assured you will get what your specifications requires.
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